Xender File Transfer For PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Xender, sharing, file transfer can be a very useful app for file sharing and organization. It provides you a completely seamless platform to manage your files and share them with other people. With the help of Xender, sharing, file transfer you can share all kinds of files. It is often recognized as the world’s best app for phone to phone transfer. It is excellently designed and the developers have made sure that the file transfer is made speedy as this is the most basic thing a user expects from a file transfer app. The app is very popular because it provides you the opportunity to share in cross-platforms also and you can transfer from android to iOS platforms too.


Once you have installed this app, you can also share apps if not to mention the different types of files you can share with this app. Previously, we used Bluetooth and Infrared to transfer files from one mobile to another but if you use Xender, Sharing, File Transfer, you can transfer files and apps nearly 50 times faster than Bluetooth. You don’t need even a Wi-Fi connection to run this app on your phone, you just need to have Android 2.3 and above. The app is small and has a size of only 5.5MB and the users can easily download it from Google Play Store. The app is very popular among Android users and it is used by more than 5 million users who have it installed on their phones. The app is designed and developed by Anmobi Inc who has made the app very user-friendly and the interface allows easy sharing features like multi-sharing up to 5 different devices at a time. The user can form a group of up to five devices and the user can group share files and all the users in the group will get the file at the same time. This is a very time-efficient option for file sharing.

Additional Features:

You can enjoy all these attractive features in your PC by getting Xender, Sharing, File Transfer for PC. The app has a feature known as “Phone Replicate” which enables the user to transfer all the essential documents including contacts and other files from their old phone to their new phone. It has a very cool feature to transfer images from one device to another and the user can simply slide the pic to send it to the other device.

Need For Bluestacks:

If you want to enjoy Xender, Sharing, File Transfer for PC, you have to find an Android emulator for windows, and Bluestacks is the best emulator available for the purpose. And you can download the latest version of Bluestacks by clicking here! You can connect to Google Play store through Bluestacks and then you can search for the Xender, Sharing, File Transfer app on the play store. You can then download the app and install it on Bluestacks. To run the app you need to open Bluestacks and then use the app with no difficulty on your Windows-based PC. In case you find it difficult in getting the app on your PC up and running, let us know using the comment section below!
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